Who We Are

*Founded in 1985
*Serves start-up ; early stage, Fortune 500 Companies and the Investment community

Aimattech provides:

*Board level advisory services
*M &A assistance in planning, implementing & post transaction integration
*Strategic planning
*Due diligence
*Business development
* improved performance through interim management
*Project and program management
*Global sales & marketing
*Product development & Launches
*Other aspect of technology management


The strengths are in medical companies, high tech manufacturing, engineering and computer services & suppliers to automotive industry. Consultants are located in Eastcoast, Westcoast, Midwest and South.


Our goal is to help companies achieve new levels of growth & profitability, and strategically position them to reach and optimize their potential. There are times when the current management team does not have the perspective, time, manpower or skills to reach the next level / milestone on their own. Aimattech associates will supplement your efforts and leverage our experience to meet your goals on a timely basis. Aimattech Consulting associates are former senior managers and/or ex-CEO’s with years of "hands-on" experiences.